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Nuke Fansubs Press Release

(07-23) 15:58 PDT, Nuke Fansubs Headquarters (Davis, California) Well, we’re going to take a break. I wish they would have announced this like 5 days ago since we were just about to release 3 episodes… Mitsudomoe 01 [QC @ Blacksheath][Script 1.3], 02 [QC @ DeiLight][Script 1.8], 03 [TLC @ Deilight, Time @ Kusion or [...]

Breaking News Update

(07-18) 15:58 PDT, Nuke Fansubs Headquarters (Davis, California) After days of ¬†fierce debate on the group senate floor, leaders of the Msmooutide party have finally acquired enough votes to overcome a filibuster by the Csatohinte party with the help of outside snipers with lasers pointed at certain members’ heads. The bill now heads to Meltingice’s [...]

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Mayoi Neko Overrun HD and SD Batch Torrents

HD:¬† SD: Please give a big thanks to Nuke Fansubs Distribution Team for making quick distribution possible! We may or may not sub something for Summer 2010. We’re working on figuring it out.

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Want to read about my trip to Anime Expo? Click here I’ll post pictures soon after.

Mayoi Neko – 13

WE’VE FINISHED! Please give a mighty big thanks to DeiLight and Merines for assuming my duties while I was away at Anime Expo. I will post the pictures I took on my blog. They’re like 95% cosplay pictures. (I was surprised with how many good/decent cosplayers there were) Without them, this episode would have been [...]