Monthly Archives: February 2009

Kurokami 06

You know what really made us not want to release it? These: “Any news on episode 6?? I only use yall’s subs.=]” – AnimeJunky “When you will release episode 6 ? Tomorrow coming-out episode 7 and I don´t see any Fansub activity. I hope that Kurokami will fall trough as the Rosario Vampire, where after [...]

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 4 Released!

Rejoice all ye leechers! Cheer, those who don’t seed! Fansubbers too, join the festivities! Why? For today you find yourselves all equals! Equally blessed are you by the sight of Shion in a swimsuit! Is what I’d like to say, but honestly, I was a little dissapointed. How can you call it a swimsuit if [...]

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 03 Released!

Everyone’s favorite half-naked Birdy is on again with the release of episode 3. I haven’t watched the entire episode yet, but based on how the series is rolling, it’s probably a safe bet to expect more throat ripping, face bashing carnage from our “Anti-hero”. (Non spoiler just in case.) Pfft. As long as birdy gets [...]

Kurokami 05

Yup. Stuff happens here, etc. Kuro gets gets beat up in this episode and Keita couldn’t care less about it. (As usual) HD Torrent SD Torrent As usual, we have bots in our channel carrying our release.

Site downtime + Kurokami 04 and Birdy 02 Release

Well, our site was down for some time, but it’s back now. We also released two things while the site was down. If anyone notices if we’re missing a link or a page or something, please let us know. Thanks! You can head over to our channel for bots or to our tracker for the [...]