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Kurokami 03

Kuro: I want to sleep with Keita! Akane: No! He’s mine! (Actually, that’s not very far off from what’s actually being said.) Anyway, enjoy your release. This episode isn’t as action packed as the last two episodes, but still enjoyable. Note: Episode 4 may be delayed for a day or two because I have a [...]

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 01!

New project for us! For anyone who has watched Tetsuwan Birdy Decode S1, then they should be familiar with this show. If you haven’t watched it, I highly suggest you do in order to follow the plot of S2! We’re a little late for this episode, but we have a good reason to be late. [...]

Kurokami – 02

Yeah, stuff happened, stuff got delayed, etc. But damn, you must be pretty damn hungry to eat raw cabbage. Hell, I wouldn’t eat raw cabbage even if I were really hungry. >_> HD Torrent SD Torrent Or, head over to our channel and grab it from our bots!

Rosario + Vampire – 13 [Finish!]

Wow, it has been a really long time since we have started this project. Throughout the length of this project, we have had many ups and downs. This look a really long time because people went AWOL through the project and our translator started college. 1 came back and 1 never did.  I would like [...]

Rosario + Vampire – 12

What? 3 releases by Nuke in 2 days? WHAT? Episode 12 is out! 1 more until we’re done! Torrent As usual, bots are on IRC. Enjoy!

Rosario + Vampire – 11

Yes. It’s out. Torrent Bots in the channel as usual. Anyway, it was funny how there were an extra 4000 downloads for episode 10 since everyone thought it was S2. As usual, there are bots in our IRC channel:

Kurokami 01! \o/

So, we have picked up a new series, Kurokami! I hope you all enjoy the show. HD Torrent Filename: [Nuke-BandaiaTV]_Kurokami_-_01_[1280x720][F15A43CC].mkv Resolution: 1280×720 Video Codec: H264 Audio Codec: 2.0 Vorbis, Quality 4 Subtitles: ASS Subtitles SD Torrent Filename: [Nuke-BandaiaTV]_Kurokami_-_01_[704x400][29FCC8F7].mkv Resolution: 704×400 Video Codec: H264 Audio Codec: 2.0 Vorbis, Quality 4 Subtitles: ASS Subtitles For bots, visit [...]