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Nuke Fansubs

We have come a long way since I starting this group with PsycTint and Rina to do School Rumble Ni Gakki. We met and formed from a Diablo II forum that we used to frequent, d2jsp. From there, DeiLight joined us and became our translator. From there on, Harukalover joined shared his past fansubbing experiences with [...]

ASS Typesetters

Anyone want to work on iDOLM@STER? Contact me on IRC if interested.


Yay, new project! HD Bots: [Nuke]Konata #107 SD Bots: [Nuke]Konata #106 Torrents Ep 01 Staff: Translator: Silent_K Timer: Bananawaffles Typesetter / Text Stylist / ED: anonymous2 Editor: Meltingice Quality Control: Blacksheath Encoder: Badskater

Nuke Fansubs Press Release

(07-23) 15:58 PDT, Nuke Fansubs Headquarters (Davis, California) Well, we’re going to take a break. I wish they would have announced this like 5 days ago since we were just about to release 3 episodes… Mitsudomoe 01 [QC @ Blacksheath][Script 1.3], 02 [QC @ DeiLight][Script 1.8], 03 [TLC @ Deilight, Time @ Kusion or [...]

Breaking News Update

(07-18) 15:58 PDT, Nuke Fansubs Headquarters (Davis, California) After days of ¬†fierce debate on the group senate floor, leaders of the Msmooutide party have finally acquired enough votes to overcome a filibuster by the Csatohinte party with the help of outside snipers with lasers pointed at certain members’ heads. The bill now heads to Meltingice’s [...]


Hi, we’re recruiting an ASS Typesetter. If you’re interested, contact Meltingice on our IRC channel or e-mail Thanks!


We are recruiting for the following positions: Timer Capper Distribution (BT and IRC Bots)

Official Press Release

(03-21) 18:02 PDT, Nuke Fansubs Headquarters (Davis, California) An internal weighted poll has been conducted.

Backup QCer is STILL needed!

Interested persons, contact Meltingice on IRC. Thanks.

Still recruiting

We are still recruiting 1x timer and 1x backup QCer. Contact Meltingice on irc if interested.